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Mr. Richard Dermer, President
American Kiteflyers Association
121 S. McFarland
Stillwater, OK 74074

Dear Mr. Dermer:

I write you regarding the latest issue of AKA Kiting, volume 20, No. 3. Specifically about the article on page 22 by Dave Arnold, entitled "Quadline: What’s Next?"

I have been manufacturing my Patented "Quad / Dual" line kite now for six years. It has been a hit on competition fields, in both flying modes, for as many years. AKA’s competition results, and champions, will testify to this fact.

Do I understand that "Quadline Precision" will now return to our events? Will this competition once again be judged on the maneuvers which, are entirely based on the flying characteristics of the Revolution kite? "There are a dozen quad figures on the books, as well as figures from our friends in STACK." All these maneuvers are "Rev. maneuvers." Check the quad icon attached to each graphic in any rules book/s.

I truly hope that this reinvention of the wheel will include alternative quadline kites. There are viable alternatives to the Revolution kite on our competition fields, please refer to the quadline ballet results over the past six years.

This article indicates that to be a champion, one must prove his skill in both disciplines; precision and ballet. How can an alternative quadline kite compete in an event, which is solely designed to test the skill level of the Revolution kite flyer? With out maneuvers designed for all quadline kites to compete with, this proposed event rebirth will be viewed, at least by many thousand TC Ultra kite owners/competitors, as very biased indeed. There is no reason I can think of why equal opportunity, to become a champion, cannot be afforded to all competitors.

All "on the books" quadline precision maneuvers, to my knowledge, date back to when the only "quadline" kite was the Revolution. I competed, successfully, with the Rev. for many years. I sought an alternative, and found one, as have many others in our sport. I would like to think that the Rules Committee can come up with some new maneuvers, encompassing the entire array of quadline kites, and their flying characteristics. Alternative quadline kits have now been available the better part of this decade, and all have competed successively in ballet.

The fact is that the "moves" you make with the machine you fly are wholly dependent on that machine. Realism is that my kite will do about 80% of the maneuvers the Revolution can do, and vise verse. If a TC Ultra quadline competitor has to do one of the dreaded 20%, he is shot down before he begins. Why not offer some of both worlds, in order to give that equal opportunity. New maneuvers like the ones enclosed would give the TC Ultra flyer a chance to truly compete. These maneuvers would tax a Revolution flyer, (20% of the other side.) There are truly quad, some of the flip side of the coin.

 While crudely drawn, you can see these maneuvers are wholly quad. The following are flight explanations of how these maneuvers are flown.

Four steps down to a nose hover.

Backward pie. Flown trailing edge first. Start top right corner window, fly backwards, using entire window, and circle to top left window.

Spiral out. Start center window, in a hover. Flying backwards, spiral out to a hover right window, same altitude as beginning.

Slow roll. Fly in from left ground pass, stop center window and slow roll to left, end in backwards flight to right window ground pass.

There are many variation on any theme, why strap in AKA contestants to yesterdays precision. I lobby you to open up the arena for all competitors quadline, and come into the 21st century. The "Quadline: What’s Next" should be, "Count the number of strings attached to this kite!"

I fought tooth and nail for many years over "dual line move vs. quad line move" in the ballet fields. A truism is that all dual and quad kites fly forwards. All quadline kites also fly backwards, sideways and hover. Count the number of strings attached, that is the type of kite you will be flying.


TC Powers, Owner

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